South Collegiate Alumni Association annual general meeting

Wednesday, October 4th, 7 PM in Room 104 at South

Our AGM, normally held in early May, was postponed as final preparations were being made for the 100th Anniversary Weekend.  Now, as the SCAA gets set to embark on the next 25 years of its existence, we are at a critical point as we face what can only be called “A Changing of the Guard”. Half of the current executive have served more than 10 years on the SCAA and two have served more than 20.  While a number of us may have been ready to retire a while ago, we consciously chose to stay on the executive until the 100th was over.  Now, however, those retirements have already taken place or soon will.

That’s why the upcoming AGM is such an important one. As we face the future, perhaps the most important questions are “WHERE DO WE GO FROM HERE?  WHAT DO WE WANT TO CONTINUE TO DO AND WHAT DO WE WANT OR NEED TO CHANGE?

So please consider attending the meeting to play a part in establishing this future. You may even wish to volunteer to fill one of the vacant executive positions… (which would be wonderful but not a requirement for admission).