The community of people who have called London South Collegiate Institute (formerly South Secondary School) their school – whether as students, staff, or even parents – are invited to use this Web site. Our hope is that by providing this site we can help South continue to be one of the great high schools in Canada.

You may also want to visit the official London South Collegiate Institute site.

Latest news

  • 100th Anniversary – Wall of Recognition
    As part of the celebration for South’s 100th anniversary as an institution, the SCAA executive wants to create what we are calling a “Wall of Recognition” to demonstrate how over the past century South alumni have distinguished themselves in many fields of endeavour. The members of the executive have already been asked to submit some…

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  • Fall 2021 newsletter
    The Fall 2021 edition of Lions’ Pride is now available for download. Summary to come
  • Fall 2021 updates
    Fall Newsletter The fall newsletter is finished and will be posted on the alumni website November 4th. Copies were distributed to all members of the SCAA executive before our Zoom meeting on October 27th and their feedback has been incredibly positive. Hopefully you will enjoy it as much as they have. The issue is the…

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