The Fall 2011 edition of Lions’ Pride is now available for download.


  • prep and excitement for May reunion, 85th Anniversary
  • ‘Prowl the Pride’ walking tour, map, neighbourhood trivia
  • Reunion Stage Band of alumni, class of 1942 to now, ages span 66 years!
  • winner 75th Anniversary Award, Martha St. Pierre, English/French Teacher
  • commencement + alumni basketball
  • archive housekeeping uncovers 1991 letter re: memoirs of Paul Magill, class of 1935
  • alumni volunteer for ‘pruning bee’, grounds beautification
  • ‘World of Fantasy’ authored by Beryl (Rafuse) Hutchinson (1946), bios classmate and artist, Anna P. Baker
  • In Local News, 16 alumni, classes 1963 to now, incl. Librarian and Olympian rower, Leslie Thompson-Willie
  • Mail Box, alumni letters to editor
  • photo, 1935 South Staff, who’s who?
  • tribute to late Miss Jean Gorwill, age 105
  • library book 20 years overdue returned with $100
  • In Memoriam honours eight (+ Miss Gorwill) alumni, spanning class years 1932 to 1976
  • free biz directory lists entrepreneurial alumni
  • calling class of 1963 for 50th reunion