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Back issues of the Lions' Pride newsletter can be downloaded by clicking the links below.  Files are in PDF format. Summaries for selected newsletters follow below the file listing.

Do you have an original?  All of the PDFs from 2005 and earlier (marked with a * below) are scanned copies of the print version of the newsletter.  PDF copies were e-mailed out to alumni in addition to paper copies being mailed by post.  If you have any of these original PDFs kicking around on your hard drive, please e-mail the file(s) to contact [at] southalumni [dot] ca.


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Spring 2017:  

  • South Football, OFSAA Champs, 3-page retrospective
  • In the News -- novelist, Ian McKercher '65 + playwright/director, Marion Johnson '67
  • School News, Here and Now -- current students' activities
  • In Memoriam -- 12 alumni from age 19 to 98
  • profiling Principal Don Freeman, staff 1929-64
  • ‘Knowing No Defeat’ manuscript, by Connie Weir '66 -- stories of 57 South alumni who lost their lives in WWII service
  • updates on SCAA activities and our May 9 AGM

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Fall 2014:  

  • cover story honours Pete Telford as he steps down after 15 years as SCAA President 
  • highlights of 2014 AGM, photo of SCAA Executives
  • booth at Gathering on the Green
  • Homecoming games, photos of reunion for football teams 25-years apart (1964 and 1989)
  • entrepreneurial alumni share biz lessons from time at South
  • lawsuit settled, vindicating South benefactor, Matt Giffen
  • current students’ successes and award winners from commencement
  • three alumni showcased in local news
  • mailbox letters/emails to SCAA include memories of South in the 1970s
  • In Memoriam honours 10 alumni, spanning grad years 1939 to 1994, including staffers Donald Young (1968-71), Roger Macaulay (principal 1964-68), Jean King (1979-96) and Clarke Samways (1989-94).
  • promo for Tecumseh Public School, turning 100 with reunion weekend May 15-16, 2015
  • success of the 7th ‘Barefoot Walk’ fundraiser founded and championed by South’s Social Justice Committee
  • insert, promo for 60th reunion next Sept. 18-20, 2015 for classes of 1955-56. 

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Spring 2014:    

  • feature on upcoming homecoming banquet to honour two football teams from 50 and 25 years ago
  • alumni basketball’s 2014 champs span grads from ‘76 to ‘09
  • hockey wins OFSAA gold
  • mailbox, letters and emails to SCAA
  • In Local News, spans grad years 1967 to 2001 and Bob Mann’s staff years ‘65-‘73
  • profiling 1927 grad, Mabel (Williams) Williamson, along with 1927 trivia
  • LSCI’s name, formerly known as ‘Byng’?
  • In Memoriam honours 12 alumni, spanning grad years 1936 to 1998 and also staff Ken Wooster and Harold Kennedy
  • closing tidbits on Prowl the Pride walking tour, AGM in May, directory of entrepreneurial alumni, and supporting SCAA

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Fall 2013:  

  • feature story full of photos and memories shared at South’s 85th anniversary in May
  • profiling 103rd birthday for 1929 grad, Velma (Wadsworth) Howie 
  • In Local News, four (4) alumni spanning years 1954 to 1997
  • profiling five (5) alumni celebrating 50 years in Medicine
  • In Memoriam honours 12 alumni, spanning grad years 1934 to 1985, including SCAA co-founder Dr. Bill Jansenberger and also staff Maud (Wade) Luney and William Bruce Braund
  • closing tidbits on playwright, Marion Johnson, 1967; 75th Anniversary winner (staff), Jane Winsky; Commencement; new SCAA director, Nancy Jane (Holmes) Coups, 1956; upcoming 60th Reunion for 1955-56.

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Spring 2013 (special edition for 85th Reunion):    

  • photo, 85 Years of Pride, window display/showcase
  • alumni association history and highlights: ‘SCAA keeps garnet & grey from fading away’
    • founders
    • alumni give$ back to school
    • homecomings, reunions
    • newsletter
    • projects of preservation and restoration
  • four (4) SCAA board profiles: Dan Knight, Carolyn MacVicar, Lynne (Smith) Hevey, Jonah Melville
  • class reps, profiling 1938's Tom Hammond + 1939's Ruth (Keene) Insole
  • In Local News, five (5) alumni spanning grad years 1959 to 2002
  • photo, 1935 staff, results for who's who?
  • Sumner family thankful for tribute to Jack
  • In Memoriam honours 17 alumni, classes 1936 to 1979, incl. Barbara (Holmes) Hyatt and Chuck Dalton
  • list thanking SCAA board execs over the years.

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Fall 2012:  

  • prep and excitement for May reunion, 85th Anniversary
  • ‘Prowl the Pride’ walking tour, map, neighbourhood trivia
  • Reunion Stage Band of alumni, class of 1942 to now, ages span 66 years!
  • winner 75th Anniversary Award, Martha St. Pierre, English/French Teacher
  • commencement + alumni basketball
  • archive housekeeping uncovers 1991 letter re: memoirs of Paul Magill, class of 1935
  • alumni volunteer for ‘pruning bee’, grounds beautification
  • ‘World of Fantasy’ authored by Beryl (Rafuse) Hutchinson (1946), bios classmate and artist, Anna P. Baker
  • In Local News, 16 alumni, classes 1963 to now, incl. Librarian and Olympian rower, Leslie Thompson-Willie
  • Mail Box, alumni letters to editor
  • photo, 1935 South Staff, who’s who?
  • tribute to late Miss Jean Gorwill, age 105
  • library book 20 years overdue returned with $100
  • In Memoriam honours eight (+ Miss Gorwill) alumni, spanning class years 1932 to 1976
  • free biz directory lists entrepreneurial alumni
  • calling class of 1963 for 50th reunion

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Spring 2012:  

  • remembering the ‘Confederate’, South’s mag in the 1960s
  • alumni basketball highlights
  • class of 1956, four friends 56 years later
  • playwright Jason Ripp (staff, 2006) stages ‘Beard: a Few Moments in the Life of Roy MacDonald’ (1956 grad)
  • Dr. Sylvia (Horowitz) Solomon, class of 1968, authors ‘For the First Time’, on the journey from career to retirement
  • profiling Dan Knight, class of 2007, both SCAA director as well as chair for 85th Anniversary
  • update on projects for 85th reunion, Gathering on the Green, 50 years for class of 1963
  • author Joyce (Simmons) Shawyer, class of 1957, nods to Byron in historical novel, ‘Legend of the Paymaster’s Gold’
  • musical feature on Kerry Benson, Geography Teacher (1965-73) and the staff band, now London Concert Band
  • In Local News, eight (8) alumni, grad years 1962 to now
  • Mail Box, alumni letters to editor
  • Ted Hessel, 1953 grad, 1971-76 teacher wins Alumni Western’s highest honour, Dr. Ivan Smith Award
  • Bocking family of grads, all in medicine
  • photo, 1947 who’s who?, kids playing hockey near Coves
  • further tribute to late Marie Smibert, top academic for class of 1936
  • In Memoriam honours 10 alumni, classes 1927 to 2003, incl. 1965-68 teacher, Terry Roberts
  • AGM May 17 + homecoming on hiatus

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Fall 2011:  

  • photos / feature Oct. 7 Homecoming, football, tailgate pub, kick-off by all-star football alum (1972), John Glassford
  • winner, 75th Anniversary Award, Dance Teacher, Allison Gamble
  • commencement + intro new Principal, Catherine Davidson, and new Vice Principal, Todd Woollings (1998 grad)
  • Keene family generations at South
  • volunteer for 85th anniversary + grounds beautification + student council photo restoration
  • free biz directory promotes entrepreneurial alumni
  • two (2) theatre productions have ties to South
  • photo, 1940s Air Cadets, who’s who?
  • feature ‘South Wind’, LSCI’s first student newspaper (followed by the Confederate, then the Oracle)
  • In Local News, eight (8) alumni spanning classes 1988 to 2005
  • Mail Box, alumni letters to editor
  • more memories of Jeannie McRobert
  • In Memoriam, 17 alumni, spanning classes 1932 to 1974 , incl. SCAA founding member, Ken Smith (1947)
  • ‘Old South News’ snippet remembering Jessie MacFarlane: OSN publisher Ken Ramer (1970), son Mike (2001)

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Spring 2011:  

  • Miss Jean McRobert, teacher ’31-’69
  • Chuck Dalton, class of ’46, basketball star & Olympian
  • Sarah Pajuk (class of ’88) Art Purchase Award
  • 98 years young, Larry Barton, class of ’30
  • SCAA activities (3):  landscaping beautification, Gathering on the Green, auditorium’s Rattle & Hum campaign
  • In Local News (10): Bloxam, Colfax, Cocker, Dohnberg, Gooden, Knight, Lazenby, Malinich, McClenaghan, Shackleton
  • Mail Box letters from you/alumni + Who’s Where
  • generations of South families (3): Bloxams, Mellors, Nesbitts
  • Memorium (7): Bolton, (Smith) Boundy, Duncan, Liddiard, Smith (teacher), Stephenson, White

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Fall 2010:

  • Homecoming highlights, photos, golf tournament
  • Teri Levack, Visual Arts Dept., winner of SCAA 75th Anniversary Award honouring staff
  • commencement highlights
  • Jean Gorwill’s 100th + 65 years of friendship for Cupie Fan Club Girls (class of ’48-’49)
  • family reflections with 70s grad, Liz (Crosby) Boens, class of ’73
  • SCAA projects (3):  landscaping beautification, Gathering on the Green, SCAA elections and AGM
  • new internship course partners with Habitat for Humanity
  • 65th reunion of Police Boys’ Band: Bill Davies, teacher ’71-’80; Ron Webb, class of ’56; and many others listed
  • In Local News (17): Balogh, Brodbeck, De Longis, Dixon, Fleckser, Hammond, Henderson, Hessel, Koziol, Maudsley, McClenaghan, Merrylees, Partalas, Ramsden, Thompson, Wolfe(2)
  • Mail Box letters from you/alumni
  • 100th birthday and memories of Mildred (Schmidt) Kemp, class of ’26
  • Memorium (10): Boyce, Calvert, Chapman, Dawkins, (Firth) Giles, Lestins, McClure, Rice, Richards, (Toten) Whitfield
  • kudos to actor, Brett Dier, from South’s grade 9 class of ’04/’05
  • Rattle & Hum fundraising for auditorium (sound system, air conditioning, lighting)

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Spring 2010:

  • legacy of TSH Graham, principal ’23-’53
  • auditorium renovation/upgrades
  • reflections of Marie Smibert, class of ’36
  • ‘Collegiate’ name returns to building facade
  • basketball showdown between youth team and veterans (grads from 1960s on)
  • SCAA projects (3):  landscaping beautification, Gathering on the Green, upcoming issues of Lions’ Pride
  • Chamber of Commerce honours Echidna owner, Andrew McClenaghan, class of ’97
  • Wortley Village spotlight + Roadhouse owner, Marty Verweel, class of ’69
  • In Local News (10): Brodbeck, Camman, Finlayson, Gooden, Jacobs, James, Lazenby, Oh, Simner, VanEsch 
  • Mail Box letters from you/alumni + Who’s Where
  • kudos to ballet choreographer and dancer, Lacey Smith, class of ’02
  • reflections from Bill Hennessy, class of ’54/’55
  • Hayman Construction marks 135 years (notably building South in 1928) and generations of eight alumni
  • Memorium (9): Avery, Bloxam, (Cameron) Eady, Jaaku, Mill, Nolet, (Phillips) Sherriff, Rix, St. Michael

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Fall 2009:

  • Homecoming highlights and photos, including special guests Chris Bentley, Matt Giffen, Vaughn Martin, Ernie Whitt
  • Andrea (Fewster) Manias, Math Dept. (and class of ’70 grad), winner of SCAA 75th Anniversary Award honouring staff
  • name returns as ‘Collegiate’
  • commencement highlights
  • software entrepreneur and former Google employee, Shuman Ghosemajumder (class of ’92) speaks to students
  • 1984 football champs gather for athletic program fundraiser
  • book launched about Canadian Ambassador to the USSR, Robert Ford, class of ’33
  • In Local News (8): Anderson, Charles-Dunne, Gooden, Jarvis, Knight, Martin, Merrylees, Shawyer
  • Mail Box letters from you/alumni + Who’s Where 
  • SCAA projects (4):  beautification, Gathering/Green, 85th reunion, Summer Jones-Burton (’92) joins SCAA executive
  • Memorium (14): (Barrett) Farrell, (Blakely) Collins, (Darling) Hall, DiCicco, Dillon, Gole, (Holmes) Skinner, (Inch) Schultz, Marshall, Pope, Rowe, (Spettigue) Coates Park, Spettigue, Winder
  • news about Old South community + Letter from Editor

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Spring 2009:

  • Roger Macaulay, principal ’64-’68
  • beautification of South’s garden/landscape
  • old yearbooks available (’88 to ’07, plus 50th anniversary ’78)
  • name of school from South ‘Collegiate’, to ‘Secondary’, back to ‘Collegiate’?
  • restoring years of photos of students’ councils
  • ’66 South band mates, Peter ‘Boots’ Burger and Bill Culp, reunite in Nashville blues & boogie bar
  • South Musical Theatre production of ‘A Chorus Line’
  • South’s Social Justice Committee (SoJo) initiatives and awareness on genocide, child poverty, 
  • alumni website marks six (6) years, thanks to web architect and Echidna owner, Andrew McClenaghan, class of ’97
  • 1920s+ in Old South, excerpts from tribute roast of Don Ross, class of ’40, found/shared by Sandy Ross, class of ’79
  • Carl Watson, class of ’45, launches 400-page book on ‘80 Years With Carl & Friends’
  • girls’ basketball coach, Greg White, class of ’66, brings his Florida team to London/South
  • In Local News (7): Baker, Gooden, Harvey, James, Nelligan, Wooster, and South’s own profile in London Free Press
  • Mail Box letters from you/alumni + Who’s Where
  • reflections by Gordon Winder, class of ’41
  • reflections by South’s oldest(?) living graduate at age 98, Lillian Park, class of ’28
  • Memorium (12): Angelov (teacher), Burgess, (Fountain) Roberts, Frith, Hill, Huntley, Jensen, Jones, Larson (teacher), (Phinn) Hess, Pimblett, White

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Fall 2008:

  • Homecoming highlights and photos, football, entertainers, tailgate party, power failure
  • ‘To Helm and Back’ series on former principals profiles Paul Mennill
  • tribute to late Ray Getliffe (1933), former NHL player
  • school news on Social Justice Committee, Commencement, and theatre production of A Chorus Line
  • 75th Anniversary Award honouring current staff to Joe Robinson, History teacher and Vice Principal
  • tribute to late Ted McTavish, age 56, South Vice Principal 1993-96
  • alumni in the news include Ross & Marion Woodman, Roger Macaulay, Thom McClenaghan, Paul Merrifield, Sandy Ross, Dale Henderson, Justin Fish, Andrew Ross, Adam Orth, Fran Wigston Eberhard, Carla (Mills) Cameron, Eric Hawn
  • Mail Box letters to editor from alumni
  • Who’s Where updates activities of alumni from class of 1937 to 2000 and current librarian
  • In Memoriam, 13 alumni, span classes 1932 to 1973, and staff spanning years 1970 to 1993
  • benefit concert, a healing counterpoint to violence, supports musician, Beau Dixon (1992)

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Spring 2008:

  • ‘To Helm and Back’ series on former principals profiles Bob Mann (1966 to 1973) and John Thorpe (1986 to 1993)
  • introducing new principal, Larry Schneider, also shown being shaved bald for ‘Hair Razing’ charity
  • school’s newest group, Social Justice Committee, formed October 2007
  • two special archival projects to restore student councils’ photos and transfer student-made films to DVD
  • donation needed of a yearbook from archive’s missing years 1937, 1967, 1970, 1974, 1983, 1985
  • class of 1967 women enjoy 40th reunion dinner
  • Hayman Construction, who built South in 1928 and had six family members as alumni, celebrates 135 years in business
  • alumni in local news include Thom McClenaghan, Roy McDonald, Dale Henderson, Shelley (Brown) Markland, Diane Leah, Paul Bright
  • Mail Box of letters to editor from alumni
  • Who’s Where updates activities of alumni from class of 1940 to 1993
  • In Memoriam, nine alumni, classes 1959 to 1971, and former principal (1977 to 1983), Garnet Rogers, and phys ed teacher (1965 to 1976), Will Rice

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