Back issues of the Lions’ Pride newsletter can be downloaded by clicking the links below.  Files are in PDF format. Summaries for selected newsletters follow below the file listing.

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Spring 2017

  • South Football, OFSAA Champs, 3-page retrospective
  • In the News — novelist, Ian McKercher ’65 + playwright/director, Marion Johnson ’67
  • School News, Here and Now — current students’ activities
  • In Memoriam — 12 alumni from age 19 to 98
  • profiling Principal Don Freeman, staff 1929-64
  • ‘Knowing No Defeat’ manuscript, by Connie Weir ’66 — stories of 57 South alumni who lost their lives in WWII service
  • updates on SCAA activities and our May 9 AGM

2014 Spring

  • feature on upcoming homecoming banquet to honour two football teams from 50 and 25 years ago
  • alumni basketball’s 2014 champs span grads from ‘76 to ‘09
  • hockey wins OFSAA gold
  • mailbox, letters and emails to SCAA
  • In Local News, spans grad years 1967 to 2001 and Bob Mann’s staff years ‘65-‘73
  • profiling 1927 grad, Mabel (Williams) Williamson, along with 1927 trivia
  • LSCI’s name, formerly known as ‘Byng’?
  • In Memoriam honours 12 alumni, spanning grad years 1936 to 1998 and also staff Ken Wooster and Harold Kennedy
  • closing tidbits on Prowl the Pride walking tour, AGM in May, directory of entrepreneurial alumni, and supporting SCAA

2013 Fall

  • feature story full of photos and memories shared at South’s 85th anniversary in May
  • profiling 103rd birthday for 1929 grad, Velma (Wadsworth) Howie
  • In Local News, four (4) alumni spanning years 1954 to 1997
  • profiling five (5) alumni celebrating 50 years in Medicine
  • In Memoriam honours 12 alumni, spanning grad years 1934 to 1985, including SCAA co-founder Dr. Bill Jansenberger and also staff Maud (Wade) Luney and William Bruce Braund
  • closing tidbits on playwright, Marion Johnson, 1967; 75th Anniversary winner (staff), Jane Winsky; Commencement; new SCAA director, Nancy Jane (Holmes) Coups, 1956; upcoming 60th Reunion for 1955-56.

2013 Spring, special issue for 85th

  • photo, 85 Years of Pride, window display/showcase
  • alumni association history and highlights:
    • founders
    • alumni give$ back to school
    • homecomings, reunions
    • newsletter
    • projects of preservation and restoration
  • four (4) SCAA board profiles
  • class reps, profiling 1938’s Tom Hammond + 1939’s Ruth (Keene) Insole
  • In Local News, five (5) alumni spanning grad years 1959 to 2002
  • photo, 1935 staff, results for who’s who?
  • Sumner family thankful for tribute to Jack
  • In Memoriam honours 17 alumni, classes 1936 to 1979, incl. Barbara (Holmes) Hyatt and Chuck Dalton
  • list thanks SCAA board execs over the years

2012 Fall

  • prep and excitement for May reunion, 85th Anniversary
  • ‘Prowl the Pride’ walking tour, map, neighbourhood trivia
  • Reunion Stage Band of alumni, class of 1942 to now, ages span 66 years!
  • winner 75th Anniversary Award, Martha St. Pierre, English/French Teacher
  • commencement + alumni basketball
  • archive housekeeping uncovers 1991 letter re: memoirs of Paul Magill, class of 1935
  • alumni volunteer for ‘pruning bee’, grounds beautification
  • ‘World of Fantasy’ authored by Beryl (Rafuse) Hutchinson (1946), bios classmate and artist, Anna P. Baker
  • In Local News, 16 alumni, classes 1963 to now, incl. Librarian and Olympian rower, Leslie Thompson-Willie
  • Mail Box, alumni letters to editor
  • photo, 1935 South Staff, who’s who?
  • tribute to late Miss Jean Gorwill, age 105
  • library book 20 years overdue returned with $100
  • In Memoriam honours eight (+ Miss Gorwill) alumni, spanning class years 1932 to 1976
  • free biz directory lists entrepreneurial alumni
  • calling class of 1963 for 50th reunion

2012 Spring

  • remembering the ‘Confederate’, South’s mag in the 1960s
  • alumni basketball highlights
  • class of 1956, four friends 56 years later
  • playwright Jason Ripp (staff, 2006) stages ‘Beard: a Few Moments in the Life of Roy MacDonald’ (1956 grad)
  • Dr. Sylvia (Horowitz) Solomon, class of 1968, authors ‘For the First Time’, on the journey from career to retirement
  • profiling Dan Knight, class of 2007, both SCAA director as well as chair for 85th Anniversary
  • update on projects for 85th reunion, Gathering on the Green, 50 years for class of 1963
  • author Joyce (Simmons) Shawyer, class of 1957, nods to Byron in historical novel, ‘Legend of the Paymaster’s Gold’
  • musical feature on Kerry Benson, Geography Teacher (1965-73) and the staff band, now London Concert Band
  • In Local News, eight (8) alumni, grad years 1962 to now
  • Mail Box, alumni letters to editor
  • Ted Hessel, 1953 grad, 1971-76 teacher wins Alumni Western’s highest honour, Dr. Ivan Smith Award
  • Bocking family of grads, all in medicine
  • photo, 1947 who’s who?, kids playing hockey near Coves
  • further tribute to late Marie Smibert, top academic for class of 1936
  • In Memoriam honours 10 alumni, classes 1927 to 2003, incl. 1965-68 teacher, Terry Roberts
  • AGM May 17 + homecoming on hiatus

2011 Fall

  • photos / feature Oct. 7 Homecoming, football, tailgate pub, kick-off by all-star football alum (1972), John Glassford
  • winner, 75th Anniversary Award, Dance Teacher, Allison Gamble
  • commencement + intro new Principal, Catherine Davidson, and new Vice Principal, Todd Woollings (1998 grad)
  • Keene family generations at South
  • volunteer for 85th anniversary + grounds beautification + student council photo restoration
  • free biz directory promotes entrepreneurial alumni
  • two (2) theatre productions have ties to South
  • photo, 1940s Air Cadets, who’s who?
  • feature ‘South Wind’, LSCI’s first student newspaper (followed by the Confederate, then the Oracle)
  • In Local News, eight (8) alumni spanning classes 1988 to 2005
  • Mail Box, alumni letters to editor
  • more memories of Jeannie McRobert
  • In Memoriam, 17 alumni, spanning classes 1932 to 1974 , incl. SCAA founding member, Ken Smith (1947)
  • ‘Old South News’ snippet remembering Jessie MacFarlane: OSN publisher Ken Ramer (1970), son Mike (2001)

Spring 2011 

  • Miss Jean McRobert, teacher ’31-’69
  • Chuck Dalton, class of ’46, basketball star & Olympian
  • Sarah Pajuk (class of ’88) Art Purchase Award
  • 98 years young, Larry Barton, class of ’30
  • SCAA activities (3):  landscaping beautification, Gathering on the Green, auditorium’s Rattle & Hum campaign
  • In Local News (10): Bloxam, Colfax, Cocker, Dohnberg, Gooden, Knight, Lazenby, Malinich, McClenaghan, Shackleton
  • Mail Box letters from you/alumni + Who’s Where
  • generations of South families (3): Bloxams, Mellors, Nesbitts
  • Memorium (7): Bolton, (Smith) Boundy, Duncan, Liddiard, Smith (teacher), Stephenson, White

Fall 2010

  • Homecoming highlights, photos, golf tournament
  • Teri Levack, Visual Arts Dept., winner of SCAA 75th Anniversary Award honouring staff
  • commencement highlights
  • Jean Gorwill’s 100th + 65 years of friendship for Cupie Fan Club Girls (class of ’48-’49)
  • family reflections with 70s grad, Liz (Crosby) Boens, class of ’73
  • SCAA projects (3):  landscaping beautification, Gathering on the Green, SCAA elections and AGM
  • new internship course partners with Habitat for Humanity
  • 65th reunion of Police Boys’ Band: Bill Davies, teacher ’71-’80; Ron Webb, class of ’56; and many others listed
  • In Local News (17): Balogh, Brodbeck, De Longis, Dixon, Fleckser, Hammond, Henderson, Hessel, Koziol, Maudsley, McClenaghan, Merrylees, Partalas, Ramsden, Thompson, Wolfe(2)
  • Mail Box letters from you/alumni
  • 100th birthday and memories of Mildred (Schmidt) Kemp, class of ’26
  • Memorium (10): Boyce, Calvert, Chapman, Dawkins, (Firth) Giles, Lestins, McClure, Rice, Richards, (Toten) Whitfield
  • kudos to actor, Brett Dier, from South’s grade 9 class of ’04/’05
  • Rattle & Hum fundraising for auditorium (sound system, air conditioning, lighting)

Spring 2010

  • legacy of TSH Graham, principal ’23-’53
  • auditorium renovation/upgrades
  • reflections of Marie Smibert, class of ’36
  • ‘Collegiate’ name returns to building facade
  • basketball showdown between youth team and veterans (grads from 1960s on)
  • SCAA projects (3):  landscaping beautification, Gathering on the Green, upcoming issues of Lions’ Pride
  • Chamber of Commerce honours Echidna owner, Andrew McClenaghan, class of ’97
  • Wortley Village spotlight + Roadhouse owner, Marty Verweel, class of ’69
  • In Local News (10): Brodbeck, Camman, Finlayson, Gooden, Jacobs, James, Lazenby, Oh, Simner, VanEsch 
  • Mail Box letters from you/alumni + Who’s Where
  • kudos to ballet choreographer and dancer, Lacey Smith, class of ’02
  • reflections from Bill Hennessy, class of ’54/’55
  • Hayman Construction marks 135 years (notably building South in 1928) and generations of eight alumni
  • Memorium (9): Avery, Bloxam, (Cameron) Eady, Jaaku, Mill, Nolet, (Phillips) Sherriff, Rix, St. Michael

Fall 2009

  • Homecoming highlights and photos, including special guests Chris Bentley, Matt Giffen, Vaughn Martin, Ernie Whitt
  • Andrea (Fewster) Manias, Math Dept. (and class of ’70 grad), winner of SCAA 75th Anniversary Award honouring staff
  • name returns as ‘Collegiate’
  • commencement highlights
  • software entrepreneur and former Google employee, Shuman Ghosemajumder (class of ’92) speaks to students
  • 1984 football champs gather for athletic program fundraiser
  • book launched about Canadian Ambassador to the USSR, Robert Ford, class of ’33
  • In Local News (8): Anderson, Charles-Dunne, Gooden, Jarvis, Knight, Martin, Merrylees, Shawyer
  • Mail Box letters from you/alumni + Who’s Where 
  • SCAA projects (4):  beautification, Gathering/Green, 85th reunion, Summer Jones-Burton (’92) joins SCAA executive
  • Memorium (14): (Barrett) Farrell, (Blakely) Collins, (Darling) Hall, DiCicco, Dillon, Gole, (Holmes) Skinner, (Inch) Schultz, Marshall, Pope, Rowe, (Spettigue) Coates Park, Spettigue, Winder
  • news about Old South community + Letter from Editor

Spring 2009

  • Roger Macaulay, principal ’64-’68
  • beautification of South’s garden/landscape
  • old yearbooks available (’88 to ’07, plus 50th anniversary ’78)
  • name of school from South ‘Collegiate’, to ‘Secondary’, back to ‘Collegiate’?
  • restoring years of photos of students’ councils
  • ’66 South band mates, Peter ‘Boots’ Burger and Bill Culp, reunite in Nashville blues & boogie bar
  • South Musical Theatre production of ‘A Chorus Line’
  • South’s Social Justice Committee (SoJo) initiatives and awareness on genocide, child poverty, 
  • alumni website marks six (6) years, thanks to web architect and Echidna owner, Andrew McClenaghan, class of ’97
  • 1920s+ in Old South, excerpts from tribute roast of Don Ross, class of ’40, found/shared by Sandy Ross, class of ’79
  • Carl Watson, class of ’45, launches 400-page book on ‘80 Years With Carl & Friends’
  • girls’ basketball coach, Greg White, class of ’66, brings his Florida team to London/South
  • In Local News (7): Baker, Gooden, Harvey, James, Nelligan, Wooster, and South’s own profile in London Free Press
  • Mail Box letters from you/alumni + Who’s Where
  • reflections by Gordon Winder, class of ’41
  • reflections by South’s oldest(?) living graduate at age 98, Lillian Park, class of ’28
  • Memorium (12): Angelov (teacher), Burgess, (Fountain) Roberts, Frith, Hill, Huntley, Jensen, Jones, Larson (teacher), (Phinn) Hess, Pimblett, White

2008 Fall

  • Homecoming highlights and photos, football, entertainers, tailgate party, power failure
  • ‘To Helm and Back’ series on former principals profiles Paul Mennill
  • tribute to late Ray Getliffe (1933), former NHL player
  • school news on Social Justice Committee, Commencement, and theatre production of A Chorus Line
  • 75th Anniversary Award honouring current staff to Joe Robinson, History teacher and Vice Principal
  • tribute to late Ted McTavish, age 56, South Vice Principal 1993-96- alumni in the news include Ross & Marion Woodman, Roger Macaulay, Thom McClenaghan, Paul Merrifield, Sandy Ross, Dale Henderson, Justin Fish, Andrew Ross, Adam Orth, Fran Wigston Eberhard, Carla (Mills) Cameron, Eric Hawn
  • Mail Box letters to editor from alumni
  • Who’s Where updates activities of alumni from class of 1937 to 2000 and current librarian
  • In Memoriam, 13 alumni, span classes 1932 to 1973, and staff spanning years 1970 to 1993
  • benefit concert, a healing counterpoint to violence, supports musician, Beau Dixon (1992)

2008 Spring

  • ‘To Helm and Back’ series on former principals profiles Bob Mann (1966 to 1973) and John Thorpe (1986 to 1993)
  • introducing new principal, Larry Schneider, also shown being shaved bald for ‘Hair Razing’ charity
  • school’s newest group, Social Justice Committee, formed October 2007
  • two special archival projects to restore student councils’ photos and transfer student-made films to DVD
  • donation needed of a yearbook from archive’s missing years 1937, 1967, 1970, 1974, 1983, 1985
  • class of 1967 women enjoy 40th reunion dinner
  • Hayman Construction, who built South in 1928 and had six family members as alumni, celebrates 135 years in business
  • alumni in local news include Thom McClenaghan, Roy McDonald, Dale Henderson, Shelley (Brown) Markland, Diane Leah, Paul Bright
  • Mail Box of letters to editor from alumni
  • Who’s Where updates activities of alumni from class of 1940 to 1993
  • In Memoriam, nine alumni, classes 1959 to 1971, and former principal (1977 to 1983), Garnet Rogers, and phys ed teacher (1965 to 1976), Will Rice