Former South student, Chase Brown, scored his first NFL touchdown on Dec. 10th with a 54-yard run, clocked at speeds of over 20 miles an hour, the 2nd fastest time in the NFL this season.  Making his first touchdown even more special was the fact that three of his former coaches had travelled to Cincinnati to see him play. Mike Stenning, Dave Martin and Matt Thompson were in the stands with their phones, filming Chase’s run as he sprinted by right in front of them.  After the game, when he came by to give them a “high five”, they pulled him up into the stands for a photo. Later, after Chase was given a game ball to celebrate his 1st NFL touchdown, he gave it to Dave Martin who had coached him for multiple years in minor football and at South.

Martin recalled the moment later for an article in the Free Press: “When he came out to the parking lot to the family tent afterwards — which we were very lucky to be a part of — he gave us all a hug and flipped me the ball and said, ‘This is for you coach.’ It was a pretty special moment, especially for a couple of old football coaches from South High School.”