May Reunion Weekend – May 26-28th

Just 10 weeks away!

If you haven’t already registered, do it soon!

Just go to www.southalumni.ca and click on the “Register” button

REMINDER: When your register, don’t forget to check the box if you are interested in attending the concert at 3 pm on Saturday with Beau Dixon & Andrea Koziol. Andrea’s profile was included in the last e-blast and Beau’s was in the fall newsletter, which tells you what a professional performance this will be…and at no additional cost to attendees!  

REUNION MERCHANDISE AND MEMORABILIA: Starting next week you can order some 100th Anniversary swag using the link on http://southalumni.ca/100th-anniversary/. Some of the items available: Sweatshirts, Hats, Shirts, Insulated Tumblers, Coffee Mugs, Water bottles, Pens and Reusable Bags. You will be able to order online until midnight on Sunday, April 23rd. Orders placed online by that date can be picked up on Friday night near the Registration desk, in the Reunion Store on Saturday, or Sunday at the Staff Brunch. Extra non-clothing items will be available for sale on Saturday in the Reunion Store and Sunday at the Brunch.

VIDEO INTERVIEWS OF ALUMNI: Two interview videos were shown during last September’s event at Victoria Public School and several more are in the works for the May Reunion. The plan is to have them playing on a continuous loop in a room (yet to be decided), so all interested alumni will have the opportunity to view them at some point during the weekend. Watch for further details in the spring newsletter and future e-blasts. 

ALUMNI SALES TABLES: A number of alumni authors have indicated an interest in displaying and selling their books at our Reunion Store.  As indicated earlier, other alumni created arts and crafts may be sold as well, so if you are interested, there is still time to reserve a sales table. Contact us at contact @southalumni.ca.  

“100 YEARS OF LIONS’ PRIDE” PROJECT: Close to half the profiles are now complete and we believe that you will find them an interesting and worthwhile part of this reunion. Rather than being in the decade rooms, the profiles will be displayed on the walls outside the appropriate room. NOTE: As mentioned earlier, there will be a sheet in every decade room that will allow attendees to nominate worthy alumni who missed being included on our Reunion Profiles List. 

TRIVIA CONTEST: The questions will all be based on the content in the alumni profiles. The plan is to include a copy of all the questions in an e-blast sent out in early May. There will also be copies at the Registration Table in the front hall during the Reunion.  But here is the first question to hopefully tweak your interest. 

Q: What South grad from the 1920s directed Canada’s first colour feature film?   

VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES: We are going to need volunteers to help with a variety of activities during the Reunion weekend, from set up Friday afternoon to take-down Sunday afternoon. If you are willing to help, please send us an email to let us know your availability and any particular area(s) of interest. 

REMINDER FROM THE CLASSES OF 1967 & 68: There is still time to register (May 1st deadline) for our DOUBLE YEAR Reunion Celebration with a dinner/dance at the Highland Golf /Country Club. You are welcome to bring your spouse/partner, friend or another South alumnus from a different year (perhaps a South Band person). If interested & want more details, please contact  Anne Beattie-Stokes, revanne@sympatico.ca  (for class of ’67) or Alison Ferguson, alison.ferguson1@gmail.com (for class of ’68).  

REMINDER FROM THE CLASS OF 1971:  The class of 1971 will be meeting at 6 pm on Sat. May 27th at the Byron-Springbank Legion Hall for happy hour, followed by a buffet dinner at 7 pm. Check out their website at southclass1971.com for further details.

REMINDER FROM THE CLASS OF 1973: The class of 1973 will be celebrating our 50th Anniversary during the May Reunion. We have booked the Pub at the Highland Country Club from 5 to 9 pm on Sat. May 27th for an informal gathering. If you wish to join us, please email Trish Judge (Pat Davidson) at trishjudge@rogers.com to receive updates and emails regarding this get together.