The Fall 2011 edition of Lions’ Pride is now available for download!  


  • photos / feature Oct. 7 Homecoming, football, tailgate pub, kick-off by all-star football alum (1972), John Glassford
  • winner, 75th Anniversary Award, Dance Teacher, Allison Gamble
  • commencement + intro new Principal, Catherine Davidson, and new Vice Principal, Todd Woollings (1998 grad)
  • Keene family generations at South
  • volunteer for 85th anniversary + grounds beautification + student council photo restoration
  • free biz directory promotes entrepreneurial alumni
  • two (2) theatre productions have ties to South
  • photo, 1940s Air Cadets, who’s who?
  • feature ‘South Wind’, LSCI’s first student newspaper (followed by the Confederate, then the Oracle)
  • In Local News, eight (8) alumni spanning classes 1988 to 2005
  • Mail Box, alumni letters to editor
  • more memories of Jeannie McRobert
  • In Memoriam, 17 alumni, spanning classes 1932 to 1974 , incl. SCAA founding member, Ken Smith (1947)
  • ‘Old South News’ snippet remembering Jessie MacFarlane: OSN publisher Ken Ramer (1970), son Mike (2001)